12 Best Lighting Fixtures to Brighten up Your Living Room

12 Best Lighting Fixtures to Brighten up Your Living Room

Looking to brighten up your living room? Check out the top twelve best light fixtures that can take your living room to the next level.

Choosing the best light fixtures

Modern and unique ceiling light fixtures

There are three types of lighting, ambient, task, and accent lighting, and a good mix of all three will give you the best-looking room.

Ambient lighting is sometimes referred to as “general lighting.” It’s the basic first layer of lighting in a room, coming from the natural sunlight through the windows, or lights that provide overall illumination. Ambient lights are lights that give off a general uniform light that is just the basic light-up-the-room light.

Ambient lights are typically softer and usually can dim in order to accommodate nighttime. They are great for stairs or hallways, places where you need optimal visibility, and as a “first layer” of light to any room.

Ambient lighting is very important. But, often people just do ambient light and worry that their room is not as bright as it could be. One reason for this is that they are forgetting the other two types of light.

Task lighting is the next type of light. While ambient light is a general light, task lighting is more task-oriented and specific. Examples of this include a lamp by a desk for reading or writing, a chandelier over the dining room table, or bathroom vanity lights. Task lighting is typically a stronger, more bright light than ambient light but it is not the main general light of the room.

Accent lighting is the last type of lighting. This lighting adds a little extra to the room. It isn’t quite as functional as ambient light (in regards to lighting up the whole room,) but it serves its purpose in highlighting and drawing attention to specific areas of the room. Examples of accent lighting include wall lights, picture lights, or track lighting.

Accent lighting can be three times (or more) bright than ambient light.

Understanding and using all three types of lights is crucial to brightening up a room in the best way possible.

Brightening up your living room

Living room brightened up by the lighting fixtures

Your living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. From family gatherings to game nights, or movie dates, or even reading a book or doing homework, you use your living room a lot. That is why it’s important to have the right lighting for it.

Not only do you want your living room to be presentable and look nice, but you also need to be able to see what you’re doing. And not all of the tasks done in the living room require the same amount of light. A game night might be fine with some overall ambient light, but you may want a more focused source of light for other tasks like reading a book.

Think about your living room. What type of light does it have? If you are looking to brighten up your living room, chances are you may just need more types of light. Maybe your living could use some general ambient lights, or maybe it needs more task lights, or you may be missing some final touches that accent lights can give you.

Here are the top twelve lighting fixtures to brighten up your living room. They are split up by the type of light they provide.

Top Ambient Lights

  1. CHLOE Lighting “SERENITY” Tiffany-style 3 Light Victorian Inverted Ceiling Pendant 18″ Shade. This lovely Victorian-style light provides a nice ambient light and is a great addition to any room. It is handcrafted of beautifully cut stained glass and has a gorgeous old-fashioned look.

  2. CHLOE Lighting “EVELYN” Tiffany-style 3 light Ceiling Pendant 24″ Shade. This great chandelier is perfect for your living room. With beautiful colors and a vine pattern, this stained glass light is the perfect addition of ambient light to your room.

  3. CHLOE Lighting KINSEY Tiffany-style Blackish Bronze 3 light Mission Island Fixture 28″ Wide. This gorgeous ceiling light is perfect for the living room (as well as many other rooms, for that matter.) Its beautiful colors and design are sure to catch everyone’s eye.

  4. CHLOE Lighting “BELLE” Tiffany-style 5 Light Mission Large Chandelier 27″ Wide. This simple and very elegant chandelier would go perfectly in any living room. It’s beautiful colors and design make it possible to match many different decorating styles.

Top Task Lights

4 Top Task Lights

  1.   CHLOE Lighting DOLORIS Tiffany-Style Victorian Stained Glass Table Lamp 17″ Width. This gorgeous table lamp provides wonderful task light and adds something special to any table or shelf it is placed on.
  2. CHLOE Lighting “SADIE” Tiffany-style Victorian 2 Light Floor Lamp 18″ Shade. This beautiful lamp is said to “make a design statement by itself.” It is handcrafted expertly with gorgeous stained glass and great materials and gives off great light that will brighten your room.

  3. CHLOE Lighting “BELLE” Tiffany-style 1 Light Floor Reading Lamp 11″ Wide. This reading lamp is a perfect addition to the living room or bedroom. Its simple and beautiful design would fit nicely with many different decorating styles and is lovely as well as functional.

  4. CHLOE Lighting “LANDRY” Tiffany-style 3 Light Geometric Table Lamp 20″ Shade. This lamp has unique vibrant colors that draw you in and brighten up the room.

Top Accent Lights

  1. CHLOE Lighting “ELISSA” Transitional 4 Light Rubbed Bronze Bath Vanity Light Clear Glass 30″ Wide.  This beautiful accent light is wonderful for any part of the room. It has an old-fashioned gorgeous look and will brighten up a living room nicely.

  2. CHLOE Lighting “OLIVIA” Contemporary 4 Light Brushed Nickel Bath Vanity Light Etched White Glass 31″ Wide. The OLIVIA light is a great more contemporary feel that will add beauty and brighten up any room.

  3. CHLOE Lighting “MANETTE” Industrial-style 1 Light Rubbed Bronze Wall Sconce 6″ Wide. This wall sconce lighting adds class to any room and is a great source of accent lighting.

  4. CHLOE Lighting “LUCIE” Industrial-style 4 Light Chrome Finish Bath Vanity Wall Fixture White Frosted Prismatic Glass 34″ Wide.  The LUCIE light is a gorgeous 4-light wall fixture that brightens up the room and is the perfect addition to a living room.

Choosing the right lighting fixture for your living room is very important. You want the light to match the other decoration style in the room, give off enough light, and be able to be bright enough for any activity or time of day.

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